Monday, June 4, 2012

Helmuth Hubener

Since moving back from Germany my obsession has grown even more, it could have to do with the love I have for Germany or maybe it's just feeling like a piece is missing from life now that we are back . World War 2 has always had a strong draw form me, thanks to watching mass amounts of documentary's with my dad growing up. Today I watched "Truth and Conviction the Helmuth Hubener Story" It's an amazing story of three teenage boys who did all they could to fight the evils of the Nazi regime. The boys were LDS, (Mormon) and something about knowing that those of my faith did all that they could to fight the evils of this era is completely moving. They were so young and although they may have been scared they were truly fearless in their actions. Some members of the faith believed in Nazi's (every faith is full of different political believers) many simply feared objecting but, these three boys were so brave and willing to risk everything to stand for their beliefs. I love history, and knowing where the world has been and what caused those events this story is moving and gives you faith in the world that sometimes feels so full of evil.

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