Friday, March 30, 2012

The baby hunger craze

When your already happy baby hit's that amazing phase where they say a few words, maybe take a few steps, and above all else smile and love on you all the time you come to a very scary junction. It's called baby hunger, some choose the path where they have two kids under 2 years and others listen to their husbands advice and allow sanity to rule. I have hit it hard enough that I would like to ignore the sane plea's of my dear husband and go for #3, luckily for my sleep schedule/other children/finances/ too may other things to list we are taking road #2.
What is it about being  a woman that gives you cravings for babies? Is it the crazed hormones, the cute babies you see everywhere (especially your own), the mini clothes, even the mini diapers or, is it knowing that this beautiful little soul you love every minute of every day is getting bigger, growing up. Is it more the fact that I am ready for another one or that I miss how small my boys were. I know it's the second one but I would still like to ignore that and have another baby. Coming from someone who hates being pregnant you know your being just a bit nuts when ever baby bump you see makes you swoon. Knowing that they are soon to get that moment where you see your baby for the first time, or they look into your eyes and its like your holding the entire world in your hands. The best moment there is, the first time you connect nothing is more everything (there is no other word to describe it, hundreds all compiled maybe)
I know one day we'll have another, and then another, and maybe even one more. So for right now I am going to try to focus on the littleness of my amazing 10 month old baby that is so complete in his perfection that I just want another one!
My Nicu baby
Boys meeting for the first time, it only took an hour or
so for him to want to acknowledge his brother,
I loved it!
Our first night together

Not very happy with the Dr. He looks a little gremlin"y"
here :)

P.s. How I miss that newborn smell any of you with new babies out there beware!!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

When life isn't going as planned

Living in our society we have certain expectations, the main one being that we want everything the second we decide it's something we have ever wanted. At the moment I am once again facing the fact that it's not our time line that things happen on. When you pray for something you have to learn that sometimes it's something you don't need or that there are lessons you have to learn first, this being said I wish I would learn whatever lesson it is that I need to so we could get life going again!
The hubbs has been unemployed for all of two months, before this two months when he played the stock market just for fun things went well. Now that life could use that however things aren't going so great. We signed up for the GI Bill almost 12 weeks ago (it's supposed to kick in between 4 and 6) still nothing, I know I shouldn't be shocked since it is the military but it's frustrating when all the things you counted on aren't panning out. Job hunting is going as badly as we had been warned (worse than we had hoped) we have decided that within the next month if things haven't begun to pan out he will take any job he can get for the time being. Some how through all this we are both still happy and hopeful, we both of course have our moments mine being a lot more numerous than his. Even with nothing working out it's amazing the feeling I have that tells me that we are exactly where we should be. I have never been a better mother, a lot of which has to do with finally allowing our family to be a marriage based family (parental relationship comes first) having this time with Hubs gives me a break and does something I can't quite explain to my desire to be a good mother. I spend more time cuddling and loving the boys, reading to them for hours on end, and teaching them anything they have interest in. I may be failing severely in other areas (like accomplishing sewing projects) but this balance is winning out. Hopefully I pick up it is whatever I am supposed to learn soon (I know it's got to be me I am the stubborn one) and we get on with life, but for now I am just going to enjoy the days where we get to be together all day through every scraped knee and especially for every flooded toilet. (thank you my 3 yr old darling)

Sunday, March 25, 2012


The longer I am a mother the more all things natural draws me in. With Big Little I had an epidural/pitocin birth and if you had told me I would ever have a child naturally I would have laughed in your face. By the time I was pregnant with Little Little my "hippie" stage had hit and I had him without any pain killers and in a tub in a German hospital. Even though #2 was much more physically painful the bounce back was great and I felt much more fulfilled, it may have had to do with the fact that I had zero say in what happened in Big little's birth or it may just be that badge of honor I proudly wear for living through naturally birthing a child but, natural has its hold on me. Next time I still would like a little something whether it's natural or not to take the edge of but after one awful epidural I would prefer to never have one again. I "tried" cloth diapers with Little little, tried is a VERY loosely used term there, I had hit that point where nothing seemed to be going as easy as I wanted it and after one attempt I sent them back. Since we are LDS and believe in food storage I ordered some more FLIP diapers to go with our emergency preparedness if there were an emergency in the next 10 or so years there is almost 100% chance we'd have a babe in diapers. I am determined to give them a real chance. We are trying to do more natural made from scratch foods, less processed. And more natural parenting, worrying less about times and following the kids natural rhythm. Having some things that the boundaries are completely set such as eating, sleeping, and how we treat each other, and other things that we allow the kids to do what they want (within reason) like play outside for hours, play in water, and explore things in ways that make me a little queasy.
With the direction our lives are taking being up in the air at the moment, and nothing seeming to go according to our plan I need to just realize we need to try our hardest and trust in the Lord. Instead of spending time worrying about what we should do I have been spending more time thinking excitedly about how I can better the boys lives, through loving them and teaching them.


Maria Montessori. I always have the best of intentions when it comes to teaching my children, but it seems sometimes I go about things in a different way or life gets in the way. We try to allow things to always be a teaching experience but lately I know I haven't been on par. So I have started allowing the boys to be more hands on (Despite germaphobia) Little Little is at the point where taste and touch are his number one senses for sensory learning, despite them both being a little on the gross side it draws him in and gives him even more interest in the world. "Montessori education is characterized by an emphasis on independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child’s natural psychological development, as well as technological advancements in society." It's learning that is based on senses and experiencing things, it's more practical and hands on experience and less theory. Max starts Montessori Preschool in September and while I am dreading him being out and about in the world I am so excited that he is going to get this chance to learn and develope even more a love of the world and learning all about it. 
This week my goal is to introduce 2-3 new Montessori activities to each of the boys and keep up with it on a weekly basis. 
For Big Little we will be working on transferring (he mastered it long ago but LOVES to do it, plus the weather is nice) quantity and Germany, since we lived there for almost all of his life I figure that it's the perfect place to start!  We will do Map puzzles, practice some German, make a German food, and learn a little more about the German culture. Thanks to this book Hubs gave me I will let Big Little pick a country and we'll go from there! 
For Little Little we are going to work on transferring, (Items such as spoons to a bowl and back to a mat) "hide and object" to solidify object placement and body awareness (every time I touch a body part, such as toes I tell him what it is)
It's so amazing to watch the boys complete these tasks the confidence it instills in them is one of the most valuable things I can give them to teach them to be their own person who will believe in themselves.
My Favorite Montessori blogs are 
Sew Liberated (click the montessori link on her page, and her books are AMAZING for any of you crafters) 
And Chasing Cheerios This woman is chock full of ideas!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


There are always things out there that you read (such as THIS) that make you realize how lucky you are. It's a blog I found when a friend posted the story on Facebook. The family was hit by an intoxicated driver on their way home from a Christmas Eve party, both parents suffered sever injuries, three year old Finn walked away but, baby Colum who was only 18 months was injured so severely that the next day after his family got the chance to say goodbye he was taken off life support. As a mother your biggest fears and hopes all reside in your children. Losing one on Christmas Day is the absolute worst thing, every time I read her posts I bawl. My husband would get rid of the blog if he could so I would stop crying, especially when it turns into the I love my children so much hysteria. Even though it's something that is gut wrenching and just brings the mothers emotions front and center it makes me so thankful for all that I have, on a level that nothing else could. Instead of being angry that Big Little has once again flooded the bathroom, or used a wipe and instead of putting it in the toilet put it on the counter (And I don't mean for his face, he is a grosso or as he would say a sicko I know) I want to just laugh off the situations. I want to teach my children everything I can to help them become good men that will hold the Gospel dear to them and become productive members of society. I want them to grow and learn even if the ways they do it are unconventional. I want to teach them that love above all else can make you who you are. Thinking about the pain of losing your kids make you realize how lucky you are that even if you only had them here on this earth for one more day at least you have that, knowing that they are ours for Time and All Eternity is a blessing not everyone has and I thank Heavenly Father every day that I know no matter what happens in this life this amazing little destructive boys are mine!
So this morning after ignoring them while they terrorized each other for just a little too long, we cuddled and played games, we hid from the Daddy monster, and Big Little carried Luna around the house like a champ (poor dog), and instead of coming up with things to entertain them I think I will spend the day entertaining them out in the beautiful sunshine!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I have decided to start blogging my pinterest crafts, here is one that I LOVE! I got the hard canvas's at walmart (under $6 for a three pack, and Hubs and I decided to go with non ornate frames for a whopping $0.96 each) I painted, printed off a chevron patter, cut out one of zigs and traced it on the boards. Then the loving hubby taped off part my chevron pattern and I painted. When it finally dried I gorilla glued the frames on, and now all I need is pictures that fit perfectly in the frames!!! Here is the lovely pin I got the idea from.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

This is seriously TOO funny not to share And this blog is a little less on the conservative side but more on the completely natural side and I find it to be exactly what I need to bring me closer to the mother I want to be. I love people who realize how amazing motherhood is, and how the natural aspect of it needs to not be forgotten. Nothing is more amazing than the birth of your child or loving them and caring for them through out their lives.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Etsy Shop

I finally added to my shop!