Friday, July 20, 2012

Language Activity (1yr)

A Language Activity With Feeding Objects (1yr)

Indirect Aim:To be able to put activities away, motor and cognitive development
Direct Aim:Develop skills for recognizing objects
Materials:Three items used at feeding time (spoon, cup, bowl, plate, fork), a small basket, a tray
This activity was easy enough to set up, using three items per sitting you present the child (this is for 12 months) tell them what it is allow them to explore it and then ask them to put it in the basket. After each object has been explained and placed in the basket you ask for specifics. When they give you the wrong thing you explain what they have and ask again for your first object. We have been giving little little a small glass cup to drink out for the last few months but, I will admit I still cringe when he thinks it needs to go for a walk, and the fact that he loves to throw things at the dinner table doesn't help the cringe factor much either!

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