Friday, March 30, 2012

The baby hunger craze

When your already happy baby hit's that amazing phase where they say a few words, maybe take a few steps, and above all else smile and love on you all the time you come to a very scary junction. It's called baby hunger, some choose the path where they have two kids under 2 years and others listen to their husbands advice and allow sanity to rule. I have hit it hard enough that I would like to ignore the sane plea's of my dear husband and go for #3, luckily for my sleep schedule/other children/finances/ too may other things to list we are taking road #2.
What is it about being  a woman that gives you cravings for babies? Is it the crazed hormones, the cute babies you see everywhere (especially your own), the mini clothes, even the mini diapers or, is it knowing that this beautiful little soul you love every minute of every day is getting bigger, growing up. Is it more the fact that I am ready for another one or that I miss how small my boys were. I know it's the second one but I would still like to ignore that and have another baby. Coming from someone who hates being pregnant you know your being just a bit nuts when ever baby bump you see makes you swoon. Knowing that they are soon to get that moment where you see your baby for the first time, or they look into your eyes and its like your holding the entire world in your hands. The best moment there is, the first time you connect nothing is more everything (there is no other word to describe it, hundreds all compiled maybe)
I know one day we'll have another, and then another, and maybe even one more. So for right now I am going to try to focus on the littleness of my amazing 10 month old baby that is so complete in his perfection that I just want another one!
My Nicu baby
Boys meeting for the first time, it only took an hour or
so for him to want to acknowledge his brother,
I loved it!
Our first night together

Not very happy with the Dr. He looks a little gremlin"y"
here :)

P.s. How I miss that newborn smell any of you with new babies out there beware!!!!


  1. Robyn....I know EXACTLY how u feel and I have a three month old. However I know this is the last one I will give birth to because I had my tubes tied so every baby moment is the last.... but as much as I understand the baby craze I implore u to listen to ur hubby...I have 4 kids ages 4 and under... having some space is a VERY good idea!

  2. I fear having my last baby I love newborns, at least there are grandbabies right? Don't worry there is at least a year before the next sadly.