Wednesday, March 21, 2012


There are always things out there that you read (such as THIS) that make you realize how lucky you are. It's a blog I found when a friend posted the story on Facebook. The family was hit by an intoxicated driver on their way home from a Christmas Eve party, both parents suffered sever injuries, three year old Finn walked away but, baby Colum who was only 18 months was injured so severely that the next day after his family got the chance to say goodbye he was taken off life support. As a mother your biggest fears and hopes all reside in your children. Losing one on Christmas Day is the absolute worst thing, every time I read her posts I bawl. My husband would get rid of the blog if he could so I would stop crying, especially when it turns into the I love my children so much hysteria. Even though it's something that is gut wrenching and just brings the mothers emotions front and center it makes me so thankful for all that I have, on a level that nothing else could. Instead of being angry that Big Little has once again flooded the bathroom, or used a wipe and instead of putting it in the toilet put it on the counter (And I don't mean for his face, he is a grosso or as he would say a sicko I know) I want to just laugh off the situations. I want to teach my children everything I can to help them become good men that will hold the Gospel dear to them and become productive members of society. I want them to grow and learn even if the ways they do it are unconventional. I want to teach them that love above all else can make you who you are. Thinking about the pain of losing your kids make you realize how lucky you are that even if you only had them here on this earth for one more day at least you have that, knowing that they are ours for Time and All Eternity is a blessing not everyone has and I thank Heavenly Father every day that I know no matter what happens in this life this amazing little destructive boys are mine!
So this morning after ignoring them while they terrorized each other for just a little too long, we cuddled and played games, we hid from the Daddy monster, and Big Little carried Luna around the house like a champ (poor dog), and instead of coming up with things to entertain them I think I will spend the day entertaining them out in the beautiful sunshine!

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