Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mothers Day

I am super excited for Mothers Day. Whats better than a day to celebrate the amazing women who give up everything to take care of, love, and devote themselves to someone else their whole lives through? Motherhood is such an amazing gift, whether you conceive naturally or adopt it's the most amazing process. I love how much my boys love me (they are still young enough for me to be awesome in their eyes) I'm excited to celebrate and honor all the women who have made such a difference in my life whether it was raising me, or just teaching me how to be a better mom. My mother, my grams, my sisters, my MIL, SIL's, aunts, and even my amazing friends have all taught me so much. I get to begin everyday (way too early I might add) loving my boys. Even everyday tasks can be such a wonderment to them it makes everything more fun. For mothers day we are giving all our sisters and our amazing Mom's bird nest necklaces, and at the moment who knows what else our mothers will be receiving (besides pictures of the boys since no one has any!) As part of my mothers day I am getting a gift I couldn't be more excited about. Personalized journals to fill up with for my boys. I saw the idea on pinterest, and can't find it again but it's a fantastic one. I wish I had started the moment I found out I was pregnant but those aren't things you forget so they'll still be in there. I want to fill them with how I met their awesome Daddy, what I thought when I found out they were pregnant, the first ultrasound, the first glance, and every moment that stands out to me for good or bad. We have always tried to instill in our boys that no matter what they do they are loved. No bad action can outweigh the love we have for them. These journals won't be just for the best moments, I want them to have all sorts of moments. Maybe when they read them (I plan on giving them to them when they move out but maybe as I fill them up they'll get them, or maybe when they find out their having kids of their own) they will know that even when things were bad I was still 100% there. Even when they think I know nothing. (As a mother now I can't believe I went through that stage, my parents really did know what they were talking about. Hope they don't read this ;) )
Aren't these beautiful! They aren't this fuzzy, Blurb would only let me copy a low res file. Each one is letters to.... (sorry other bloggers paranoia is rubbing off)

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