Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Taking it slow

Lately our lives our at a bit of a standstill, with the hubs waiting for a better job (waiting as in applying as many places as possible all while working somewhere he isn't loving, we are strong believers of the thought,  "good things come to those that do") the boys and I still don't know many people since we moved, we are finally meeting more people in the neighborhood (pretty much every single person within a few blocks belongs to our ward (local congregation, for our worldwide Church)) Since we don't yet have many friends we have been for the first time in our lives together just taking life easy. We don't rush of anywhere (except the E.R. for the shortest one) We have been spending hours outside, we do projects together, Big little has been taking the practical life area of Montessori up a notch and has been helping like crazy. We read, a lot, cuddle even more and just have fun. I have to say I don't mind life being like this. I do enjoy having a lot of friends, play dates, and more adult convo but right now this is exactly what we all need. Hours of laying in the grass, playing with toys, water gun fights, and in the case of the wee one trying to eat everything he can get his hands on. It makes me think even more I may enjoy home schooling instead of sending my big boy off to Montessori preschool in the fall, then again it's probably just me wishing he could stay little forever. At the moment the only semi (ish) pressing matter for me is brushing up on my photog skills since I haven't done anything since before little little was on his way.

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