Monday, May 14, 2012

The weekend

Yes he is sitting still.
We had a lovely weekend, we went back to where were married and took a family pic, I was brave enough to let little little start using a spoon on his own, we finally attempted the weaning cup. We bought flowers and veggie plants and then we bought some more. Someone learned the magic of the slip and slide and how wonderful it is even if you just sit on it... We got to hear the end of a temple dedication, with a beautiful prayer to begin work on a house of the Lord. And best of all we celebrated 5 years together, and the joy that is motherhood.

Here's to hoping my black thumb doesn't do these all in. 

A giant mess, but the spoon was used at least twice...
The remains of the old tabernacle, and the soon to be new Temple!

He picked out almost everything

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