Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Surprisingly (to me anyways) Simplicity Parenting 's tip to limit our material items is coming across a lot harder than I expected. I have gotten rid of a third of the boys toys at present. And still have a box full of plastic goodness I just can't seem to rid myself of. However we now have enough space for a more proper Montessori set up. All of our low down shelves have been set up for activities to enhance and enrich our boys. Books have been sorted into non fiction and fiction to give them a better base in what reality is, and what an amazing thing imagination is! Quiet a few of the activities are for little little, I need to work on more for Big Little, at present he has sand paper letters, a nature basket with magnifying glass, shell baskets, paint supplies (brushes and sponges to paint with and paper and shells for mediums) and a few number exercises. Not all in one place (simplify right) Each room we spend part of the day in has an activity that if he so chooses he can work on. Our main thing we need to work on is fostering independence, which is one of the main things I love about Montessori (and is also mentioned in the fantastic book Bringing up Bebe). Simplifying while hard has had some great benefits, especially the one where I have less to clean/convince the boys to clean up.

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