Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Walker wagon, and an impromptu backyard picnic

Montessori is against the plastic children walkers, but wide wheeled wooden, solid wagons are a different story. They are solid and allow a child to pull up without the chance of tipping and allow children to learn slowly.  We found ours for $20 at an antique store vs. the $100 it costs online. Ours is an older version and doesn't have the fence but the boys Love this because it allows them to both easily to crawl in and out so they can push each other in it for hours! It has been a huge tool in getting little little to walk, he can walk but still prefers crawling. The more he uses his wagon however the more he wants to walk without it! After a day of playing outside with and without the wagon, with smiles and tears we had an impromptu picnic in our backyard. It was the perfect ending to a long and lovely day!
P.S. how cute are these faces, sad and happy oh my gosh I LOVE them!

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