Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Everyday you notice little things that make you gawk in wonder at how two children with the same parents can be so different. How is it I can have a three year old that is so timid, and fearful of the unknown and have a brother who looks like a mini version of him who is so fearless. I love watching the different reactions my boys have to the same things. Today at the Zoo the bigger little man decided it was better to avoid the carousel and opt for the train, while baby blue eyes was ecstatic about the whole thing. One would gaze in wonder at the gorilla as he banged on the glass all while staring us down while the other ran the second he noticed him. Their fears and anxieties defiantly come from different places. Yet they both have the same sweetness that fills you with joy at the sight of them. While the big little will cuddle for hours on end, the little little gives you five minutes at most (unless he is in the Ergo best invention ever btw) they both are so full of love, and both so defiant even at young ages, both look to you to determine how far they can push the limits, and both light up at the sight of me and the hubs. It's amazing that two people made out of the same stuff who look so much a like can be so different. It makes me eager to see what our future children will be like. While little little is easy going and care free (as long as he eats, I swear both boys could eat a horse and still be hungry) big little is cautious and not always easy to please. Somehow both of them are full of joy at even the littleset things and make me thank God everyday that I get to be their Mama.