Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Baby Wearing

One of my absolute favorite pastimes is baby wearing, I enjoy it so much I will go on walks just to strap little little to me. It's as close to the goodness of pregnancy as you can get, you know your baby is warm and has everything they need if they are nestled up that close to their mamma's. Even on our cruise to Greece where I was wearing him for 6-8 hours a day I didn't get sick of it, they are in the perfect kissing reach and you can smell their sweet little breath. Baby wearing gives you the chance to have that piece of your heart they took when they were born back, it's a feeling like few others. My favorite is front baby wearing where you can kiss them the entire time you wear them or feel their breath when they fall asleep on you.  It turns grocery shopping with a child from a slightly hellish experience to a lovely way to relax and spend time with your baby. And while it may turn hiking into quiet the sweaty affair teaching your kids to love the great outdoors never felt so good!
Back wearing is just as good for the closeness and a lot easier when your doing something like hiking the only downside is the lack of kisses. There is nothing quiet so great as having little little snuggling up to my chest, if only big little didn't weigh close to 40lbs I'd tote him around too.
Not only is it something that is great for your day to day happiness but baby wearing has tons of benefits, it helps with the bonding process, mother, father, or even grandparents. It makes life immensely easier for everyone, and not just easier a lot more pleasant. And it helps colicky or sick babies, and trust me any one who has survived colic knows how important something that can calm your baby is.
You can even baby wear in your moby without a top for skin to skin contact which is great for bonding and for baby. Read this story about skin to skin to see just how amazing it really is, a baby pronounced dead at birth was resuscitated not by CPR but by skin to skin with his mamma!
P.s. my favorite carriers are moby (for the baby baby stage) and Ergo for that and anything beyond! ( I prefer the ergo sport it's a few more dollars but more breathable and living in a state as hot as this one I need that!)

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