Sunday, April 29, 2012


Lying in bed last night holding hands with the hubs I was overcome with the best feeling a feeling that comes in moments like this or in the Temple. It's complete peace, and overwhelming love and joy. Nothing makes you feel quiet like it can. My life is full of moments of overwhelming love, and joy, often truth be told. But peace is not something I always feel. Generally I feel it on a daily basis in moments of prayer, or when I cuddle one of the boys but it's generally not quiet this strong. Life has been up in the air lately and its moments like this that make you feel so much more connected to our loving Heavenly Father. I know some out there don't believe in a power, and even many that do believe in only a vengeful God. Life can be so full of turmoil and sadness that it's sometimes hard to see how we could be as loved as we are. Moments like this, or just simple things make me realized how loved we must be. Even with all the hurt and doubt, and pain in this world, it is amazing how if you look you see so many good things, even just the beauty of nature or of children. It's heartening to know that true love does exist, not just in the form of man and woman, or mother and child but from Creator to created.

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