Friday, April 27, 2012


Brothers! I adore these two, I cannot believe how lucky I am to be their mama. Having two is so amazing and exhausting, (so so exhausting but only some days). Most days my crazy amount of love for them is so energizing I can hardly sit still. I love that they have each other, that one day when I am driving them crazy that they will know they always have a confidant, a best friend. They will always have someone to play with, someone to confide in, and someone who they know will love them no matter what. Sometimes mom and dad aren't what you need, but a brother and a friend is. My sisters are some of my best friends in the world I love them so much and am so happy that my boys will have someone there for them like I always did. I am so interested to see how a brotherly relationship goes, it's already so different than what I experienced with my sisters. I didn't get to know my brother until later in life, and I absolutely adore the relationship my hubs has his with awesome brother. Watching them wrestle already, and tickle, and just interact with each other makes me soul soar.

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