Monday, April 23, 2012

Emergency Surgery for the small one

Yesterday little little decided it would be a great idea to eat a sewing pin. Luckily I turned around and noticed he had something in his mouth and the sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach told me it was not something he would be OK eating. After desperate attempts to get it out he decided it must be something worth having and bit me as hard as he could. I pulled my finger out of his mouth and when I went back to try again it was gone. I swear even when the E.R. is quick you still wait forever. After telling us it was a time sensitive matter they kept us waiting for half an hour before they even did the X-ray. As you can see on it, the pin was jammed in his throat. It was decided that he would have to be sedated since the risk of inhaling and sucking it into his lungs was to great while it was being removed.
Having your small child go into surgery is always terrifying even if it's quick, the risks of anesthesia however small terrify me. Sitting in a surgery waiting room waiting for your ten month old to come out is a horrible feeling. Mostly because of all the horror E.R. shows I have watched, needless to say I worried most of the time even though I knew he was in good hands. Thankfully we had lots of prayers and he recieved a blessing before he went in. It was harder to remove than expected, it had gone in and up further. Thanks to many prayers and a great doctor he did great and it was over in forty minutes. He like the Hubs and his brother is an ornery little monster when waking up from sedation but cute and cuddly as can be! He finally could nurse after seven hours of not eating and he calmed down and was content to cuddle away the hours that he had to stay for observation. We are sure this is the first of many visits for this one, he eats EVERYTHING (needs a muzzle it's so bad) and he is fearless.


  1. I am so grateful that you are a good mom, that dad was there to give a blessing and that you had a good doctor. What a blessing little little is. Your life is never going to be boring. I can't believe how big he has gotten. I hope that big little is okay about all this as well.

  2. holy heck Robyn! That is so scary! I am so glad it went well getting it out. I think one of the worst things to go through as a mom is not being able to be right there next to our babies when they have to go through things like this. SO glad he is ok!

  3. Things are going good today, he is a little sleepier than normal but besides that and a cough/rough voice he is doing great! I am SO thankful he is OK that kid makes the world go round.