Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sensory painting

Since little little eats everything (see below posts to know I literally mean that) I decided to make the boys some edible finger paint, since he also has a gluten allergy I found a great recipe for gluten free paint here. Mixing on cold water first made mine clump, and made the strainer necessary. I used only 1.5 cups of cornstarch and added more water in the end for a little thinner paint. Here is the recipe

* 2 cups of corn starch (I as said, used less)
* 1 cup of cold water (go with warm cold makes cornstarch clump like mad)
* 4.5 cups of boiling water
* Liquid food colouring

Pour boiling water in with corn starch., I'd forgo using cold water at all and just use more warm, separate into jars, add color and stir. It has custard like consistency. It will keep which is great so you don't have to make every time you want your mini garbage disposal to paint!

Little little loved the feel of it, and of course ate some. He seemed more interested in putting his feet and "walking" (think mobile downward facing dog) across his brother and cousins paper's. He did however end up with a beautiful modern print :) Big little's preferred medium at the moment is sand dollars, so we have a few more to display that are a rainbow of perfection. It's so much more fun for kids to paint when they get to feel the texture and truly explore the paint! (Big little played with it and then decided it was gross, and wanted a brush. Always the kid to want clean hands!)

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