Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bringing up Bebe

I don't know how many out there are the type to read parenting books, I myself find that during pregnancy I read everything that I can get my hands on about pregnancy. During normal life however I am more drawn to books about teaching my kids, montessori books and books on play based learning. This book however isn't a boring book telling you what you should do and how you should do it. Bringing up Bebe doesn't get close to that type of book, it's funny and emotional and you can relate in almost every way to the author. Teaching your children is such a struggle and knowing that others are in it with you is always comforting. One of the main things I loved in this book is "The Pause" it's something you start when the baby is a few weeks old and while it may sound mean to some it's a great way to teach your kids patience from the beginning. It's about letting your child cry for a few minutes before you give them what they want, it's not about depriving them but about teaching them to self soothe from a young age. This book is based on French parenting and while there are things I don't agree with overall this book is amazing and is very close to how I want to raise my own children. It's about having kids that can entertain themselves, having kids that eat at 3 mealtimes and only one snack time a day. Being an American mother I have toted around food for my kids to soothe anything from whining to them annoying me. I have to say that this new one snack a day has gone well for me, while my Little Big doesn't love one snack a day he is getting used to it and no longer turns to food for everything.
Another thing that I think is essential for a modern family to survive is having a marriage based family. Not neglecting your kids but letting them know that your husband/wife comes first and that you two are always on the same page. Letting them know that there is family time and there is adult time and the latter is not something they can interrupt. This book draws you in in so many ways and is a lovely read. It's the type of book that motivates you to try harder as a parent and not just go the easy way and, not just while you read the book but after too. I plan on getting one for every pregnant woman I know!


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  2. I'm so curious about this book (despite not having children). Definitely going to check it out!

  3. Even without kids its well worth the read, its entertaining and full of things you can use in the future.