Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Reading Nook (montessori area #1)

Our reading nook/movement area/play area extraordinaire! Montessori has so many great things that we want in our children's lives and in our homes. Before this house Little little's room had a movement mat now that he is up and about we don't need the mat but the mirror is great for developing self awareness, and seeing how his body works! He loves watching himself play or pressing himself up against the mirror and kissing it! I made the boys a comfy poof so we can all snuggle up and read as many books as we can get in. The shelves are at low varying heights so that both boys can get books of their choosing, letting them choose their own books gives them a sense of independence and a want to read. The boys love their little area, the wonders of an under the stairs closet! I love how Montessori teaches you to make an area that is child friendly with everything at their height and having them be able to access any learning material (books, paints. toys) at their convenience and use it in any way they see fit! Coming up when I finish it up, an outdoor art area!
P.s. This is my favorite Montessori bedroom ever!

Ikea magazine rack
movement mirror

spice rack bookcase

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